​ Renewing Lives by the Power of Christ 


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Renovate is held at 7 p.m. every Wednesday at Gundersen Clinic Fourth Floor in Onalaska, Wis.,
3111 Gundersen Dr. Onalaska, WI 54650.

Anyone interested in bettering their life through an intimate relationship with Christ is welcome. 


“Renovate has provided the tools and support like never before to enable me to pursue a relationship with Christ on an intimate level, which, in turn, has brought forth a passion and a fire that continues to grow. I am in a better place in life now than ever before!"

Nick Ewing

Onalaska, Wis. 

Renovate seeks to help people come to a renovated connection with God in order to transform, heal and equip them to serve and bless others in an ever-increasing way. 


"Renovate has shown me how Christ can be a part of each and every one of us. Renovate helped me to see the truth, and the truth is not only believing in Christ, but trusting Him." 

​​Alex Thompson

Onalaska, Wis.